Next-generation entertainment platform for Virtual Humans

Generation of Digitainers

Digital artist virtual human DIGITAINER

Zexicon is a project that implements digital entertainment and is a virtual human ecosystem with various entertainment contents. Zexicon creates an environment where creative digital content published through Entertain virtual human can be implemented in the metaverse.



As a reporter promoting K-culture and K-pop, he acts as an influencer and provides collaboration content with K-celebs. You can enjoy various videos and blogs.


Through corporate advertising and promotional model activities, we inform global social messages through exclusive activities and public campaign advertising activities.

KPOP single album

In order to become a member of KPOP that leads the era, we will continue our single album activities. About 10 new songs will be released, including a song remake album.



NFT Blockchain

Blockchain technology solves the problems of transparency and profit distribution raised in the existing entertainment industry, activates the community ecosystem by maximizing participation and compensation of members, and provides liquidity in the digital item trading market through digital proof of ownership. .

Blockchain technology is no longer a future mirage, but a technology that is already operating by our side. Blockchain technology that realizes transparency and efficiency without a centralized institution and NFT technology that makes it possible to prove ownership of digital items are currently facing a revolution in many industries, and the entertainment industry is also at a point where it has to accept these changes.

ZEXICON will change the paradigm of the entertainment industry and make the development of the industry more efficient and robust, paying attention to the technology of blockchain and the ecosystem created by this technology.




Ensure transparency

Through blockchain technology, which is fundamentally impossible to forge and alter, the voting results of fans are disclosed transparently so that anyone can check them on the blockchain, and through this, we want to realize true social production that creates artists with the power of fans.



Crowd Funding

profit distribution

On a P2P blockchain platform without intermediaries or intermediaries, fans' voluntary music and merchandise purchase profits can go directly to artists, and fans' contributions to artist development, such as content creation and publicity activities, are fair to fans and artists. may be distributed among



Market Plasce

Digital Goods Transaction

NFT technology, which safely stores content in a blockchain system that cannot be forged and tampered with and allows sole ownership of the content to be claimed, is a breakthrough in the digital music, photo, video, and goods markets, which have not been active due to problems of indiscriminate copying or authenticity determination. We can provide you with a solution.




sustainable ecosystem

Transparency in participation and contribution and fair distribution of profits lead to immediate rewards for fans and artists, which can create active motivation, which can lead to continuous co-prosperity between fans and artists and create a virtuous cycle of token economy.

Zexicon Special

social producing

Fans can vote for their favorite candidates and create new artists.

Special goods and contents

You can consume a variety of digital goods and contents of virtual stars that you can only meet at ZEXICON.

Digitainer community

Digital artists can interact with virtual humans in a variety of ways and create content spontaneously.


You can crowdfund new music, goods, and IP contents of virtual humans and share profits.



NFT holders become producers who will grow together with ZEXICON, a metaverse entertainment company, and create virtual idol stars who will be active in the metaverse.



Increased collection value with limited number of issues


Issuance of virtual human NFTs of 100 themes


ZEXI airdrop after listing on T1 exchange


CEO Random Box with 300 monthly updates


Voting rights for Social Producing

In the process of discovering and nurturing stars, fans use ZEXI tokens to participate in voting, supporting them in various ways and directly affecting the outcome of various events. The Polygon-based blockchain ZEXI protocol can increase the transparency of voting to secure the trust of the platform itself.

Payment Currency for Fandom Commerce

Within the Zexicon platform, ZEXI tokens can be used as a payment method for all goods, services, and content purchases. Additional benefits can be provided to those who pay with ZEXI tokens instead of cash, these and others will drive continous token use cases.

Reward for community engagement and contribution

Points acquired through voluntary content creation and promotion activities in the community can be exchanged for tokens. This can not only revitalize the community, but also be an active motivation to grow virtual humans.

Participation for Crowfunding

Within the platform, crowdfunding is carried out for virtual artists to produce sound sources and goods, and hold concerts.
Investors who participated in the funding with tokens will share additional profits when they are generated.

Token Issuance and Distribution

Token Distribution
Token Symbol
Token Protocol
MATIC ERC20 (polygon)
Total Issuance


2022 1Q-2Q

  • JAN. Established ZEXICON partnership
  • APR. ZEXI 3D modeling and content agency partnership

2022 3Q-4Q

  • AUG. Meant of ZEXI tokens (Polygon Matic ERC20)
  • SEP. ZEXICON media development, web3 development team operation
  • DEC. Announcement of ZEXI 3D modeling

2023 1Q-2Q

  • FEB. Promotion of listing on exchanges. - Lbank,, Coinbase, bitFlyer, Upbit, etc. - Parallel promotion within the top 20 in global trading volume
  • APR. Virtual Human 'ZEXI' public activity
  • JUN. ZEXICON web3 platform service launched.

2023 3Q-4Q

  • AUG. ZEXI KPOP album release
  • OCT. Entertainment AI learning programming design and building AI server
  • NOV. Started ZEXICON digital content community service
  • DEC. Started metaverse platform 'ZEXICON' service

2024 1Q-2Q

  • 1Q. Host of ‘2024 Contact ZEXI’ online performance
  • 2Q. Established an online virtual studio and held a virtual human audition

2024 3Q-4Q

  • 3Q. ZEXICON NFT-based metaverse dome performance studio business promotion
  • 4Q. Hosted ‘2024 ZEXI Star Award’


James Cook


  • President, Law of International
  • Chairman, Coronet Metals
  • Chairman, AlphaOmega Foundation

Moon Mee-Hwa


  • CEO, CoronetMetals Korea co.,ltd

Lee Chang-Soo


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul Venture University
  • Decipher Team Project Deliberation and Evaluation for Engineering

Jeong Jong-Chel


  • Tax Advisor, Export-Import Bank of Korea
  • SAP Korea Advisory Committee

Ray Chan

Contents Advisor

  • ClubbingInAsia Founder and Managing Director
  • OneAsia(thailand) Founder
  • Creamfield Asia CEO
  • DreamFly Music Travel Co Founder

Jun Kang

Contents Advisor

  • ZP WORLD Founder
  • CEO, No 1. Media
  • CEO, Zenith Media Contents
  • CEO, SM entertainment Town Travel
  • TV Actor

Sin Min-Chel

Financial Advisor

  • ZP 1st Main Director
  • ZP Media Contents Manager

Kim Jeong-Hoon

  • CEO of JHS (JHS Co, Ltd)
  • CEO of Mwave Global Co., Ltd

Cha seong-kyung


  • ZP Project Director
  • ZP Media Contents Director

Digital artist virtual human DIGITAINER

Zexicon is a project that implements digital entertainment and is a virtual human ecosystem with various entertainment contents. Zexicon creates an environment where creative digital content published through Entertain virtual human can be implemented in the metaverse.