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Zenith X is a new All-In-One Fandom Platform where fans discover new artists, support them, communicate with them and each other in a unique way to create or consume exclusive content.

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Why you should contact ZENITH X

Social Producing

Fans can vote for their favorite candidates and help guide the destiny of their favorite new artists.

Special merchanidise and content

Fans can consume a variety of digital merchanidise and content that can only be found in Zenith X

Fan Community

Fans and artists can communicate in various ways and create content voluntarily and collaboratively


Fans can crowd fund new music albums, digital items, and IP content of artists and share profits.


Why Blockchain

Through blockchain technology, we want to solve the problems of transparency and profit distribution in the existing entertainment industry, revitalize the community ecosystem by maximizing members' participation and compensation, provide liquidity in the digital item trading market through proof of digital ownership, and democratize the way the IP market operates.

The new changes and innovations that Zenith X is going to make are certainly the way for all industries to move forward, and that movement is already beginning in many places. ‘A transparent and efficient entertainment ecosystem that allows democratic participation of fan bases’ and ‘A highly liquid digital content market’, will be two key points that will represent the evolution that ZenithX begins here.




Increase Transparency

With blockchain technology, which is fundamentally impossible to falsify, we want to transparently disclose the results of fans' votes on the blockchain so that anyone can see them, thereby realizing true social production that creates artists with the power of fans.



Crowd Funding

Profit Distribution

In a P2P-type blockchain platform without intermediary distributors and brokers, sales revenue from music and goods can directly go to artists, and profits generated from crowd funding can be distributes fairly and transparently to those who participated.



Market Plasce

Digital Goods Transaction

NFT technology, which allows content to be securely stored in an unmodifiable blockchain system and ensure sole ownership of the content, can provide breakthrough solutions to the digital music, photos, videos and goods markets that have not been activated due to indiscriminate replication and authenticity problems.




Sustainable Ecosystem

Transparency, fair distribution and enforcement, and clear ownership can lead to immediate rewards for both fans and artists, which can create an active motivation and sustainable ecosystem in which all members can co-exist for their mutual benefit.



Utility token to access and participate within the ecosystem of Zenith X platform

Voting rights for Social Producing

In the process of discovering and nurturing stars, fans use ZENX tokens to participate in voting, supporting them in various ways and directly affecting the outcome of various events. The Ethereum-based blockchain ZENX protocol can increase the transparency of voting to secure the trust of the platform itself.

Payment Currency for Fandom Commerce

Within the Zenith X platform, ZENX tokens can be used as a payment method for all goods, services, and content purchases. Additional benefits can be provided to those who pay with ZENX tokens instead of cash, these and others will drive continous token use cases.

Reward for community engagement and contribution

In the Zenith X fan community, fans' voluntary content creation and promotion activities will be rewarded with the ZENX token. This can be an active motivation not only to revitalize the community but also to nurture your favorite stars.

Participation for Crowfunding

Crowdfunding will be carried out to produce artists' music and goods and hold concerts within the Zenith X platform. Token holders who participated in funding will share additional increased value when it is generated.

Token Issuance and Distribution

Token Distribution
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Zenith is now trying to lead a new era for the Korean entertainment industry, and is preparing for a new leap forward. Blockchain technology is no longer a mirage of the future, but a technology that is already working in the world around us. Zenith X will change the paradigm of the entertainment industry with the use of technology to create a value driven ecosystem and make the entertainment industry more efficient and robust.




Goods at Market


Artist and Creator


NFT Meanting

ZENX Issue

2020 4Q

  • Zenith X platform concept and token economy development
  • Issuance of ZENX tokens

2021 1Q

  • Global Expansion Plan, ZENX token Listing
  • Listing ZENX token on major crypto exchange

2021 2Q

  • ZENITH X FANS partnership program completement
  • Platform opens
  • NFT marketplace opens

2021 3Q

  • NFT marketplace completement
  • Voting Protocol completement

2021 4Q

  • Platform officially opens
  • token utility application

The Zenithx Teams

Bryan Cole


  • Vice President of BWC Consulting
  • Sr. Account Executive at Kintetsu International
  • Director of Wyndham Group
  • Western Regional Executive at New Otani Co.,Ltd
  • University of California, Berkeley

Chang Soo Lee


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul Venture University
  • Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering at Seoul National University
  • Decipher Team Project Deliberation and Evaluation for Engineering Education Innovation Center at Seoul National University

Jong Cheol Jeong


  • Tax Advisor, Export-Import Bank of Korea
  • SAP Korea Advisory Committee
  • Advisory member of the National Association of Private Universities Financial Committee

Jun Kang

Contents Advisor

  • ZP WORLD Founder
  • CEO, No 1. Media
  • CEO, Zenith Media Contents
  • CEO, SM entertainment Town Travel
  • TV Actor

James Cook

Law Advisor

  • President of Law of International
  • Chairman of Coronet Metals
  • President of AlphaOmega Foundation

I Ketut Sudikerta


  • Vice Regent of Badung in 2005 - 2015
  • Vice Governor of Bali 2013 - 2018

Muhammad Hakim

Marketing Director ASEAN

  • Director PT. Coop World Indonesia
  • Founder of Cryptocurrency World Community

Ray Chan

Contents Advisor

  • ClubbingInAsia Founder and Managing Director
  • OneAsia(thailand) Founder
  • Creamfield Asia CEO
  • DreamFly Music Travel Co Founder

Jeong Hoon Kim

Financial Advisor

  • CEO of JHS (JHS Co, Ltd)
  • Auditor of Zenith media contents
  • CEO of Mwave Global Co., Ltd.


Content Development & Platform Patners

Leading Future Entertainment Industry - Zenith X


The Zenith X Project is a global fandom platform that seeks to create a new ecosystem in the entertainment industry based on blockchain and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology.

Korea's entertainment industry has grown rapidly over the past decade with the popularity of K-pop, and it is expected to play a major role in the Korean economy for next 10 years. The world is paying attention to the Korean K-pop movement, evaluating the value of the Korean entertainment industry very highly, and studying the factors of its global success in various ways.

The Korean entertainment industry, which has its roots in the 1990s when many dance groups began to emerge, is now preparing for an unprecedented path to entering the global market and global content platforms.

Zenith X

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